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ACCA in Tashkent - FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Registration for the ACCA qualification after graduating from the university

If you earned a degree in accounting, finance, management, or economics from a university, you may be exempted from passing some exams. You can apply for exemption from exams (no more than nine) for Fundamentals of ACCA qualification. Please note that exemptions from exams at the Professional level are not provided. You can find out what exams you can be exempted from by clicking on the link to the database for the classification of disciplines. Each exemption is paid at the cost of the corresponding exam in the early registration period.

What to do if I do not meet the minimum requirements for registering for an ACCA qualification?

You will still be able to register with ACCA as a student, but you will need to start with the preparatory level - Foundations in Accountancy (FIA - Accounting Basics). After receiving the Diploma in Accounting and Business under the FIA, you can go on to qualify for ACCA. You will be able to start studying with the F4 exam, as you will be eligible for exemption from the F1, F2 and F3 exams on the basis of the Diploma received.

How to become a member of the International Association that unites specialists in finance, audit and accounting, and get an ACCA qualification?

Starting to study the field of finance with ACCA, you will receive skills and knowledge that are applicable in any industry, which means that you yourself can choose in which direction and in which organization to work. As part of this program, much attention is paid to professional values, ethics and management issues. This is very important, as the financial profession is developing towards strengthening the code of professional ethics, setting appropriate standards of conduct and compliance with legislation; therefore, our qualifications emphasize professionalism and ethics in the field of finance. Ethics and professionalism are thoroughly tested during the ACCA qualification exams. They are also the main component of the practical experience required to obtain qualifications. To qualify and become an ACCA member, you will need:

  • pass 13 exams in English (up to nine disciplines can be counted*
  • pass 9 exams in Russian and 4 exams in English
  • have documented three years of experience in a financial position
  • complete the Professional Ethics Module
*You can get exemption from a number of exams (maximum nine) on the basis of a diploma of higher education and / or if there are other relevant qualifications of the same level. To obtain exemption from exams, you must provide supporting documents. The possibility of obtaining diplomas in the course of training:
On the way to ACCA membership, you can acquire a number of intermediate diplomas. This is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to employers, as well as support your commitment and motivation. You can get:
  • Diploma in Accounting and Business (a Diploma in Accounting and Business)
  • Specialist Diploma in Accounting and Business (Advanced Course) (an Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business)
  • Oxford Brookes University (a BSc degree in Applied Accounting awarded by Oxford Brookes University)

How much does the training last?

It depends on what qualifications you already received before signing up for ACCA. The fastest way to obtain qualifications is to combine training and work. In this case, you can become a member of ACCA in 3-4 years.
Thanks to the flexible curriculum, you will be able to take training at your own pace. However, exams must be passed within 10 years from the date of initial registration.

Training Options

You can choose the method of training, the frequency of examinations and the place where you will gain relevant practical experience. However, we recommend that you, whenever possible, gain practical experience in parallel with passing exams.
There are several options for preparing for exams: using training centers or on your own.

  • full-time study (full course)
  • curriculum or evening education
  • distance learning
  • weekend training
  • courses on repetition and consolidation of material
A single course is designed to prepare for one ACCA exam. We recommend finding out about the available ways and conditions of training in the training centers directly. If you have chosen the option of self-preparation for ACCA exams, you can purchase training materials from accredited British publishers, which ACCA recommends.

Additional Support

As additional resources, ACCA students are offered:

We also invite everyone to join our Russian-language Facebook page, where you can chat with other ACCA students and find out useful and relevant information about ACCA. You will find more detailed information that students need in preparing for ACCA in the ACCA Students section, as well as on ACCA website. If you have a diploma of secondary vocational education, or you have completed the first year of a university undergraduate or specialty program, then you satisfy the minimum registration requirements for ACCA qualifications and can begin training.

Who is the program for?

ACCA qualifications are one of the most respected internationally. ACCA certificate is recognized in the countries of the European Union. ACCA qualification holder is a professional who makes key business decisions in any business field.

What are the exams?

ACCA qualifications are flexible: students individually plan their classes and can take up to four ACCA exams every six months.