Special courses on training in International Financial Reporting Standards and are part of the ACCA international qualification program on the job for professionals in the field of accounting, finance, internal auditors, managers, and executives.

This special program includes two stages of training of ACCA in Tashkent.

First step:

  • Fundamentals of International Financial Reporting Standards


Second phase

  • Based on the results of this exam, applicants receive Certificates for passing the ACCA Qualified Exam in accordance with IFRS developed by ACCA.

  • The IFRS certificate is one of several exams for obtaining the ACCA Diploma "Finance and Business Management" by internationally recognized

  • Preparation for the exam and the exam itself are conducted in Russian

Professional accountants and auditors working in practice and industry and qualified in national accounting standards are eligible to take the qualification.

Number of exams

One written exam.

How long does it take?

Three to six months.

Work experience

None involved in qualifying, but the qualification is designed to accompany relevant work.