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How to crack ACCA exams in the first attempt

The following article is to prepare for ACCA exams, however, these tips can also be used to prepare for other exams.


As ACCA is a globally recognized qualification, the exams, along with the Ethics and Professional Skills module, aim to prepare students for the real world and be competent. Therefore, exams can be difficult or challenging. Yet, the right kind of preparation can ensure that you pass in the first attempt. A student used the following types of preparation and scored 98/100 in MA (Management Accounting), an ACCA knowledge level paper.

Exams can be a stressful time if not prepared for beforehand. Studies should be planned well to avoid stress. It is important to study with a clear mind to help with concentration and focus. While studying one should start with a positive outlook and aim to finish what is planned. Here are a few tips to help you pass exams in the first attempt and manage stress effectively:

Step 1 - Plan:

  • Have a look at the syllabus.

  • Allot a chapter for each day and then revise everything you have studied so far at regular intervals.


Week 1: Monday to Friday - Chapters 1-5, Saturday and Sunday - Revise Chapters 1-5

Week 2: Monday to Friday - Chapters 6-10, Saturday and Sunday - Revise Chapters 1-10.

  • Create such a time table weekly or monthly and place it where you can see it everyday.

  • Tick as you progress.

Step 2 - Study and Practice:

For each chapter or section:

  • Read the textbook

  • Solve questions in the exam kit related to the respective chapter or section and try to complete it in the designated time.

  • Solve questions online on websites such as,, etc.

  • Mark questions which you find difficult and for which you feel the need to revisit.

Step 3– Revise:

  • Read the textbook again. It will be helpful for conceptual clarity and to link the topics together after studying all chapters.

  • Solve marked questions in Step 2 again.

  • Go through all the study material provided on - e.g. Technical articles, examiner's reports, videos on specific topics.

  • Solve mock exams and past papers under timed conditions.

  • After each mock, have a look at your mistakes so you don't repeat it in the next mock/final paper.


A few additional tips are:

1. Organize your study space

Make sure that you have everything you need for studying before starting so that you don’t leave your study space again and again. Ensure that the space is well-lit and well-ventilated. Remove distractions such as novels and avoid using your mobile phone. Try finding something to help you to concentrate better.

2. Eat healthy

3. Believe in yourself

4. Avoid procrastination

Good luck!

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