ACCA International Qualification - The Peak You're Stiving For

If you are just starting your career with ACCA, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with useful information that will help you understand the structure of qualifications, learn about what is necessary to obtain membership in ACCA, and also familiarize yourself with the basic ACCA rules and rules for students.

Training programs can be standard or optional, individual - designed specifically for your requirements. All individual proposals are made after a careful study of the requirements for the course of the company-customer, taking into account the specifics of the company.


To qualify for ACCA and become a member of the Association you must: 

  • pass all 13 ACCA exams

  • confirm 3 years of practical experience

  • go through a special online ethics module

Get a competitive edge! Become a professional with world-class qualifications. Your future is in your hands!

ACCA Qualification consists of three stages of exams, plus a module on ethics and professional skills and the requirement of professional experience.

Applied Knowledge

  • FAB Accountant in Business

  • FMA Management Accounting

  • FFA Financial Accounting

Applied Skills

  • (LW) Corporate and Business Law

  • (PM) Performance Management

  • (TX) Taxation

  • (FR) Financial Reporting

  • (AA) Audit and Assurance

  • (FM) Financial Management

Strategic Professional

  • (SBR) Strategic Business Reporting

  • (SBL) Strategic Business Analysis

  • (AFM) Advanced Financial Management

  • (APM) Advanced Performance Management

  • (ATX) Advanced Taxation

  • (AAA) Advanced Audit and Assurance




Young Lawyer


The educational process can take place in different formats, depending on the wishes of a particular student. We offer:

  • Traditional full-time, when the training takes place in equipped classrooms based on our center.

  • Online distance learning courses on the job. Each applicant receives personal data for access to the electronic office, where you can find all the basic training materials, online tests, and communication with the teacher.

  • Individual offers for commercial organizations interested in training a whole group of employees. In this case, we are talking about the organization of field classes on the territory of the customer company.

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