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We are for conservation of the planet: As part of our IIFA green office policy, we offer our trainers to drink water from coolers using cups instead of plastic cups and bottles. In order to reduce the amount of paper used, we transmit training materials in electronic format to our clients. The office introduced a rule for the collection of used paper for recycling, carried out with minimal environmental impact. We help customers understand environmental issues by giving simple tips “How to be eco-friendly” in their materials and on social networks on Facebook and VKontakte.

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Charity Responsibilities

We help people with disabilities by collecting the change we recieve from 2 of our projects: “Introduction to Finance: Accounting, Analysis, Budget” - for entrepreneurs with disabilities. “Assessment of investment projects” for startups / participants of the Park of Innovative Technologies Fund.

Joint project with the Tashkent Financial Institute - we are for innovative development!



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International Accreditations


General Director, IIFA

First of all, thank you for your interest in the activities of the International Institute of Finance and Accounting.
We offer the opportunity to obtain knowledge and relevant qualifications in international finance, accounting, and auditing.


International Institute of Finance and Accounting - use of modern technology and teaching methods in which young and promising young and promising workers from the UK and Russia work with the appropriate qualifications. International cooperation with ATS International provides the opportunity to use a unique training program for International Financial Reporting Standards. Excellent help for our students is online training, which allows us to bring to the automatism the knowledge gained in the classroom. International Institute of Finance and Accounting is a whole complex of basic, educational and diverse programs for achieving students' goals in pursuit of international certificates and ACCA diplomas.
We are sure that the acquired skills and knowledge of our students can be applied in any sector of the economy, not only in Uzbekistan but also abroad.
Summarizing all of the above, I would like to note that our doors are open, and you only need desire and a little will.


Best regards,
Bobur Sayfutdinov




Lead Auditor/Tax Consultant, International Business Audit Consulting (IBAC)

In his professional career, he worked for more than 6 years in international companies such as KPMG and Baker Tilly. Directly participated in the audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and National Accounting Standards, conducted financial analysis of enterprises and provided consulting services in the field of taxation, accounting and business registration in Uzbekistan.
Mr. Artikmetov also has over 2 years of experience working in state tax authorities.

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Professional Tutor, IIFA

He has many years of practical and theoretical experience in the field of international financial reporting and audit standards.

As a Master of Tashkent Financial Institute, he subsequently received a Master's degree in Business Administration from the Binary University of Management and Entrepreneurship, Malaysia.
In his professional activity, he trains students in courses dedicated to International Financial Reporting Standards and International Auditing Standards.
Mr. Tashmanov, is a certified auditor of the Republic of Uzbekistan, is qualified by UzCPA.

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Training Manager, IIFA

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General Tutor, IIFA

Main responsibilities:

  • Managing National Accounting Standards of Republic of Uzbekistan

  • Participating on Audits and on Tax Audits (Audit of: Inventory, Cash, Fixed Asset, Intangible Asset, Receivables, Payables and Import transactions according to NAS (National Accounting Standards)) Participated in more than 8 projects in the period of working. 

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